Benefits of Exercise Bikes

Benefits of Exercise Bikes

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Do you want to live a long, happy and healthy life? Well exercising is very important to achieve this. We should all strive to live a healthy life as there are multiple benefits to be gained from this.

General benefits of exercising include getting and maintaining an energy boost, having weight control, improving your mood, combating diseases, negative health conditions and illnesses, promoting better sleep, relieving stress, ultimately living longer, amongst a whole range of other benefits. The fact is exercise is important and vital to a healthy functioning being.

Why an Exercise Bike?

Well an exercise bike may be just what you need to maintain a healthy life style by exercising. There are numerous benefits from using an exercise bike; the fact that exercise bikes are absolutely convenient as they are cheap alternatives to expensive gym equipment.

Furthermore, if you are like me and work right around the clock and have a busy schedule, then going to the gym, riding a bike on the road or going jogging may not fit well or find any space at all in your daily routine. This is where an exercise bike would come in handy, as not only can it be used from the comfort of your house or office, but you can exercise whenever you get a little break.

How does an exercise bike work?

Working an exercise bike is fairly simple and unlike bikes that you ride on the road, you do not have to practice and you can start immediately. All you pretty much have to do is get on and pedal! (Remember that these are stationary bikes). But these bikes are fairly effective, in fact let us take a look at how the bike will work you.

What muscles and work out does exercise bikes give?

Exercise bikes are fairly multifaceted and work a wide variety of muscles. The muscles that an exercise bike works out include:

  • Your lower legs – as your calf muscles do a lot of work in pulling and pushing each time you pedal, thus giving you a healthy and toned lower legs.
  • Your core muscles – the machine works your core with each pedaling stroke. Importantly however, you should ensure that your posture is straight to get the most out of the machine. Different bikes work your core in different ways as they are designed in a lot of different styles.
  • Your Buttocks and Upper legs – The bike must love these muscles in particular, as these muscles are the ones that are worked the most whenever you start exercising on an exercise bike. Additionally your quad and your hamstring will definitely grow stronger and resilient from continuous work.
  • The upper body – Truth be told, this area does not get a lot of work out form an exercise bike in general. However, an exercise bike like the recumbent exercise bike or an upright exercise bike may be of some assistance depending on the workouts that are done. However, an exercise bike will in general will work and therefore tone your shoulders, upper back and upper arms.

Whilst these are the core areas that are worked on by the exercise bikes, there are other wide ranging benefits to be achieved from exercising on an exercise bike.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are basically in tandem with the reasons you should use an exercise bike to exercise. This is the general principle of why you should do a particular thing which is the benefit to be gained from it. So in detail I will break the benefits into two parts, general benefits and health benefits. The general benefits to be achieved from using an exercise bike includes:

  1. It is easy and convenient to use.
  2. Possess low injury risks especially to your ankles and knees when compared with other exercise equipment.
  3. It gives your leg strength.
  4. Can be used in a small space at home or at your office.
  5. Helps you to lose weight.
  6. Can be used even if outside weather does not permit exercising.
  7. Most of these have a fan that cools you down while you are exercising.
  8. Even your television can be watched whilst you work out on an exercise bike.

The health benefits that can be gained from using an exercise bike include:

  1. They are friendly on your joints – unlike other exercise activities such as going for a jog, or other sports, exercise bikes are really easy on your joints as they do not suffer direct pressure in an effort to get you fit. In fact, studies have shown that exercise bikes actually reduce what is called mechanical stress on places like your hips, knees, ankles and even back.
  2. Is a good Cardiovascular workout – Riding a bike is good cardio exercise that actually helps to lower your blood pressure as well as helping to control your sugar levels, thus preventing those dreaded heart attacks.
  3. Helps to burn calories – This in simpler terms mean, you will be able to manage or control your weight. Continuous exercise on an exercise bike will burn calories daily therefore resulting in weight loss.

As with all things, there are some disadvantages whilst not major, I am going to go ahead and list a few of the disadvantages of using an exercise bike.


  1. May become boring and monotonous.
  2. Walking could be an option without the expense.
  3. Some may make a lot of noise.
  4. Mainly works the legs and as such does not really represent a complete work out.


So you have seen what my research has yielded in relation to the benefits of an exercise bike. I have one and I can tell you that there are way more benefits to be had from having one as opposed to not having one. I hope I was able to help and good luck.

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